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Career Categories

All students, regardless of their background, interests, or experience, can benefit from some additional help when they decide to embark on a job search. Oftentimes, searching for a new job can require as much work as an actual job itself. It takes a lot of time, patience, effort, and many steps to get right. That’s where we come in! We can help coach you every step of the way. If a student decides to embark on a traditional assisted job search, next level, or professional development, they work with a member of the Career Services team to outline a plan and receive advice on how to successfully obtain the ideal position. This can include help with fine-tuning resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn proficiency, networking techniques and interview skills. We are also able to facilitate introductions to various companies who are looking to hire accounting talent. The timing is dependent on each individual student’s needs and goals and is available all year long.


Traditional Assisted Job Search: This designation is for students seeking employment and/or advancement in their current position with less than 10 years of work history. The traditional assisted job search category is designed to support students who are looking to find inroads into various entry-level to mid-level careers; including students who consider themselves career changers, or students who do not wish to opt-in to Structured Recruiting.


Next Level: This designation is for students with 10+ years of progressive experience with substantial work history at the pre-management or management level seeking opportunities to level up to C-Suite, Executive or VP, etc., The next level student could also be seeking a new employment opportunity or advancement within their current employer. This designation is designed to support students who are not interested in entry-level careers and are on the path to mid-upper-level leadership or non-traditional accounting careers.


Professional Development: This designation is for students who are NOT job seeking or are continuing education/credentialing; someone looking to gain deeper knowledge of accounting to support their current role. This category is designed to support students in their professional development, networking, or entrepreneurial endeavors.


Please click through the sections below to learn a little bit more about the general services that are provided:


  • Career Exploration: Accounting is not only just a job, but a skill set – which can open up many doors. We can help you figure out what type of job would suit your background and interest, and how to use your new accounting skills.
  • Linked In Overview: From seeking a new job to maintaining your personal brand, LinkedIn is an important part of being a full-fledged professional in any industry these days. We can help you understand how to navigate this tool effectively, and give you feedback on your profile, to help you stand out!
  • Resume Review: Resumes are used to make a favorable impression on a prospective employer and is often a crucial step in the job search process. Let us help you market yourself effectively and give insight on how to make your resume stronger and ensure you make a positive first impression.
  • Networking Guidance: Networking is not only about trading information, but also serves as an avenue to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits. We can help you ease into the art of networking and give you strategies on how to expand your personal network.
  • Interview Preparation: Taking the time to prepare for an interview in advance can help you secure a job offer. There are a number of steps we can help you with, in order to ensure that you make a terrific impression on your potential employer.
  • Salary Negotiation: Salary negotiations are important – both when you’re first offered a job, and also during performance reviews. It can be an uncomfortable, often nerve-wracking conversation to bring up, and may make you uneasy. We can help you come up with a plan of attack on how to approach this conversation and help you strategize on how to be the most successful.