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Income Tax Intern – Summer 2021

As a Spectrum Intern, you’ll be essential to two teams — your respective department and your Intern peer group. Department and team-focused projects account for about 80% of your schedule. You’ll spend the other 20% on professional development sessions and networking activities, including the Kickoff Conference on June 2, webinars, community service, cross-functional project, and final presentations.

Internship responsibilities may include:

The intern will gather information and prepare responses to requests from state income tax auditors. They will also track state income tax legislative changes, organize files, and investigate and resolve outstanding debts with various governmental agencies.


This is a learning-intensive program designed to give you essential business insights and hands-on experience in your field of choice. It’s a full-time, 10-week commitment from June 2, 2021 through August 6, 2021.


For more information, please contact: Meredith Garwood, CPA (


Company – Spectrum/Charter

Location – Charlotte, NC

Document –