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The MAC Career Services team is dedicated to working with all MAC students, from both our campus and online population. All students can and should take advantage of the many resources Career Services provides on this website and in a one-on-one coaching session.  Please see the following for more information on how Career Services works with each format:

Campus MAC Students:

About 99% of our campus cohort is considered job seeking and elect to participate in Structured Recruiting each year. All the details of the process are presented to students during your June Orientation process. If a student does not obtain a position through Structured Recruiting, or elects to not participate, they will go through a traditional job search with the assistance of the Career Services team. Please read more on the Structured Recruiting process here.

Online MAC Students:

The students in our online program come from a variety of different backgrounds, levels of experiences, and career goals. All students, regardless if they are job seeking or not, are able and encouraged to utilize Career Services resources.

In order to help students get a deep understanding of the way MAC Career Services can assist them while they are in the program, we require all online students to watch the following webinar:

Career Services Onboarding Webinar for Online Students (2022)

Additionally, you can download a PDF of the slides from this presentation here.