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Approximately 80% of students who participate in the Structured Recruiting process secure full time employment. If you participate in Structured Recruiting and do not successfully secure full time employment, the Career Services team will continue to work with you one-on-one to help you achieve your employment goals. Through both Structured Recruiting and traditional job searching, 98% of all participants are employed within three months of graduation. If you are interested in exploring more about our graduates employment outcomes, you can view our past employment reports below.

Click to download MAC Class of 2023 Employment Report

Click to download MAC Class of 2022 Employment Report

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Dual Effort System

While Structured Recruiting is an opportunity to establish direct connections with top accounting employers, The MAC program believes that all students participating in recruiting process should take an active responsibility in their job search. Our Career Services team operates on a “Dual Effort” system, that places ownership on both students and staff:

Each Structured Recruiting participant will… MAC Career Services will…
  • Communicate and meet with Career Services
  • Coordinate and communicate all details surrounding career events
  • Utilize all Career Services resources
  • Provide resources to ensure student success
  • Adhere to all MAC Career Services policies, procedures, and directions
  • Provide individualized career coaching and advice to each student
  • Show up to all Structured Recruiting events prepared and motivated
  • Facilitate the application and interview process
  • Represent both yourself and the UNC MAC program appropriately and professionally
  • Establish connections between students and top accounting employers


Job Opportunities Outside of Structured Recruiting

All students who participate in Structured Recruiting are encouraged to search for jobs on their own throughout the process, in order to maximize their employment opportunities. Before accepting or declining any offer, through Structured Recruiting or otherwise, students should discuss their offers with a member of the Career Services team. Once a student has accepted any employment offer, they must remove themselves from all other opportunities.