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We are proud to offer our Structured Recruiting program to all of our students, regardless of their program format. Structured Recruiting is a good option to consider if you are looking for an entry level role, particularly in public accounting. Typically, about 10% of our online students participate in the Structured Recruiting process.

We encourage online students who are considering Structured Recruiting to reach out to our Career Services team to discuss their interest. Online students will also receive several emails throughout the year with details and instructions on how to become eligible to participate.

To learn more about participating in Structured Recruiting as an online student, we recommend watching this video, which details the process, eligibility requirements, and possible outcomes.

Roles obtained through the Structured Recruiting process typically begin a year after they are secured, usually in the summer or fall. Students interested in participating in Structured Recruiting should plan to do so a year prior to their graduation.

Students who participate in Structured Recruiting are required to complete all MAC program degree requirements prior to starting their new full time role. For this reason, we recommend all students work with our academic team, in order to build Structured Recruiting into your academic plan.

You may only participate in Structured Recruiting once during your time as a student, and choose the cycle that is most appropriate with your academic plan, preparedness, and employment timeline goals. We strongly encourage students to have some coursework finished, prior to participating in Structured Recruiting. If you are beginning the program in June, and want to participate in Structured Recruiting that same recruiting season, you must make an appointment with Career Services to discuss your eligibility.

All online students are required to complete a series of actions prior to participate in Structured Recruiting. These actions are designed to help the Career Services team understand more about your individual goals in order to coach in the best way possible. They are also in place to ensure that all students fully understand their commitment to the process, as well as the possible outcomes. These requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Attend (or view a recording) of the Structured Recruiting Overview Webinar.
  2. Formally opt-in for your Structured Recruiting cycle, through the survey distributed by Career Services.
  3. Review the Structured Recruiting Calendar, Policies, and Procedures document to ensure you will be available to attend all required recruiting events.
  4. Submit a professional headshot for the MAC Employer Photo Book.

All requirements and requirement deadlines will be communicated to students via their Kenan-Flagler email address.

Online students are responsible for all travel costs associated with participating in Structured Recruiting. In the hybrid format, there is only one event that takes place exclusively in Chapel Hill, NC. Throughout Interview Season, you might be invited to attend an office visit with a company but they should cover your travel expenses for this type of visit.

  1. Careers in Accounting Panels (Virtual – July)
  2. Meet the Firms (In-Person – August)
  3. Interview Season (September)