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A common misconception about a career in accounting is that all jobs in accounting are the same. “Crunching numbers” in a quiet cubicle is usually what comes to mind when you hear the word “accountant”. While we do recognize that the MAC program can prepare you with the knowledge and skillset to be a successful accounting, we also believe that a career in accounting is never “one size fits all”. The world of accounting provides dynamic opportunities for graduates in a variety of industries, and the MAC Career Services team encourages all students to do research on these opportunities throughout their time in the program in order to create goals for themselves that reflect both their personal and professional interests.

To help begin that exploration, we’ve listed some more information and resources on different career opportunities and employers below.

Rotational Programs are very popular with many companies and organizations, and give an employee an opportunity to work in different positions within that organization. Job rotation is typically done either within a department or a team, but there are occasions it can also be done within the entire organization. In these cases, the switch can take place between departments. This can depend largely on the type of organization in question, as well as the roles part of the program.

There are quite a few companies who host specific accounting and finance related rotational programs that MAC students can take advantage of. Click here to download our list of popular accounting and finance rotational programs.

The accounting industry is a complex beast. There are many different types of accounting firms out there, so finding the right one is definitely something you should do before you start applying accounting jobs. If you are looking to engage with the Big 4 or large mid-market firms, you should consider participating in our Structured Recruiting process. However, if you are looking to explore opportunities on a smaller scale, you may want to consider looking at some regional accounting firms.

A regional accounting firm’s expertise and business is usually confined to one or two regional hubs. These decent-sized accounting firms tend to have more than office across a specific region. We’ve compiled a list of some popular regional public accounting firms across the United States. Click here to download our Regional Public Accounting firms list.