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Data Analyst

Carillon Assisted Living is actively seeking a Data Analyst with a desire to combine technical work in a fast-paced business environment. The ideal Data Analyst will have strong communication skills to visually represent technical ideas while also performing mathematical operations and implementing functional problem solving, all to assist with strategic initiatives and project execution at the company.


Required Skills
 1-2 years of data science work with relational databases in SQL and MySQL, primary key and foreign key mapping
 Basic knowledge of network protocols, headers, packets, TCP, SCP and implementation of FTP
 Ability to read and write code for template generated C# and Typescript
 1-2 years of practice with UML diagrams and visual relational algebra models
 Understanding of RESTful API resource methods for data retrieval and pipelining, also be able to discuss them in an understandable manner
 Certification in/or skilled ability to work with Microsoft Excel, Visio and PowerPoint suite
 2 years of experience with predictive modeling, graph analysis, report building, data mining and statistics
 Strong communication skills in business environments, project management skills and ability to understand the business process
 Ability to identify potential integrations and their connection to other parts of the infrastructure as a whole
 Strong mathematical skills and logic in Boolean algebra and propositional calculus
 Ability to manage numerous projects at once, meeting set deadlines
 Ability to build data visualizations through SSRB to be used in decision making throughout the company
 Experience with SQL Server tools including SSMR, SSRS and SSRB and in writing SQL queries

Other Skills
 ArcGIS knowledge
 Natural Language Processing
 Workflow Automations
 Research work in python for big data
 Usage of PowerBI or similar business analytics platforms
 Knowledge of cloud computing gateways
 Knowledge of R


Education Requirements
 B.S. in Data Science, Computer Science or related technology degree program
 Data Analytics credential
If you are excited by the opportunity of enabling a senior living company to use technology to enhance service delivery and quality of care for seniors, then Carillon wants you!


If interested in the Data Analyst role, please contact Darcy Hamm, Corporate Recruiter, at

Company – Calyx LIving

Location – Raleigh, NC

Document –